Trade Show Displays & Exhibits

Think about the last trade show you attended – either as an exhibitor or attendee. What did you notice? You probably saw that some trade show exhibits and displays got all of the attention while others struggled to get one single person to stop by.

It’s no secret that participating in trade shows, conferences and other events can be a great way to increase brand awareness, improve product knowledge through hands-on demonstrations and, ultimately, drive more sales. But if your trade show displays aren’t visually enticing, you’ll wind up leaving that trade show or event with lackluster results.

There are many display options available today – it’s just a matter of choosing the right one. So, what type of display is right for you? Depending on your needs and the size of your booth, you may require a free-standing retractable banner stand, a cost-effective table-top display that can be used again and again, or an easy to assemble, fabric covered pop-up display – ideal for anyone who is a trade show regular.

Your local Allegra location can assist you with all of your Trade Show and Expo service needs:

• Trade Show Giveaways
• Trade Show Marketing
• Trade Show Displays
• Trade Show Follow-up and More

Need some help making a splash at your next trade show or event? Take a look at our online catalog to find products that are a perfect fit for your next event. The experts at Allegra can help you create an effective display that captures interest and tells your story.

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