Meet the Team

Our top level executives are highly credentialed and well-respected by industry peers, professional associates, franchise members and staff. Plus they’re nice people, too. You can learn more about them on our parent company website, Alliance Franchise Brands.

Of course, a strong organization has quality throughout its ranks. We’re proud of our entire home-office team. We’d like you to meet the people who head the home office support departments. Ask them or their teams to recite the company’s mission statement, and they’ll nail it. The great thing is they actually use it to guide the use of time, talent and resources. Here it is: To enhance the value of the businesses we serve.

KEvin Cushing - Development

Kevin Cushing


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Dori Bennet - Sales

Dori Bennett

VP of Sales & Training

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Jessica Eng - Marketing

Jessica Eng

VP of Marketing

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Meredith Flynn

Meredith Flynn

VP of Financial Services & Franchise Compliance

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Tim Wood - Technology

Tim Wood

VP of Technology

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Mike Dye

VP of Franchise Member Support

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